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The Incentive industry is once again interested in using games to drive individual performance.  While the idea is certainly not new, it is getting more press today than ever before.  This post at discusses a Pew Research study about games and has some interesting statistics on games and how many play them.

In the past, games were used sporadically by the incentive industry and mostly consisted of sweepstakes as communications devices in major incentive and recognition award programs or as means to reinforce training activities or testing.  They were often very successful.  With the onset of video and online games and there effect on Gen X and Y, it’s just natural that they should make up a part of the performance improvement awards industry.

The future of recognition and communication games in the workplace could be very bright considering some of the stats in this post …

  • 90% of Gen Y desire co-workers who make the job fun.
  • 49% of Gen X & Y in the workforce (ages 18 to 49) play online games.
  • 26% of the older generations (50 & over) play online games.
  • Woman now account for 40% of the gaming community

Clearly, well designed games for the workplace can help energize your workforce and drive improved performance.  As stated, they can drive creativity and innovation between geographies and temporal diversity, motivate teams and identify emerging leaders.

As electronic games become more and more prevalent in the workplace we hope the companies using them carefully consider the kind of awards they utilize to reinforce the behavior they seek.  The X & Y generations don’t want the same awards that were used to reward their parents and grandparents.  They want awards that appeal to their own lifestyles.   Awards that allow them choose what they really want, like the Award of Choice, a premier gift card solution that has No Fee and provides hundreds of different merchants to choose from.