Incentives Can Kick Start Your Wellness Efforts


As reported in Incentive Magazine, research published by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans shows that incorporating incentives into a wellness program was found to be a key reason why these programs are showing a high return on the investment….up to $3 for every dollar spent.   

Many companies are now seeing a direct connection between wellness initiatives and the effect they can have on both employee health and health care plan cost savings.  Companies that manage health risks stand to add a great deal of profit to the bottom line.  But, to manage those costs you need to have the buy in and enthusiastic support of your employees.   According to Wellsource, a leader in health risk assessments there are several things you can do to ramp up the participation, among them are: 

  • Make it social, people like to be part of something and enjoy the support of their peers.
  • Have wellness leaders; find those employees in the organization that are health-minded and ask them to champion the effort.
  • Invite significant others to participate, they become a valuable support group
  • Offer incentives, they have shown to help achieve participation rates up to 80% 
  • Recognize accomplishments; anyone who has ever lost weight, quit smoking, maintained an exercise campaign will tell you that being recognized by their management and peers is very motivational. 

There are a myriad of behaviors you can choose from to initiate your program that are easy to measure and reward.  A few might include: 

  • Completing health screenings
  • Completing healthcare questionnaire
  • Getting the blood pressure checked
  • Getting body mass or other health indicators checked 

And once enrolled, use incentives to keep them enrolled and progressing on the path toward better health.  There are many motivational incentives that you can use such s cash, discounts in premiums, gift cards, sports related merchandise or gym memberships.  You are the best judge of what award will work best within your overall benefit system.  When used properly, incentives are probably more important that communications in producing results.

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