Get Into the “Thank You” Habit

This article follows on the heels of similar blog posts we’ve seen lately that discuss the need in business today to create a culture of “thank you.”  This is something we posted on over a year ago and it is something that all businesses should be thinking about all the time. 

I can’t recall a single manager I ever worked with that didn’t say they wanted to do more in this area, we all do.  But inevitably we get caught up in our day to day lives and concerns and these intentions get pushed on the down the road. The end result is we do not spend enough time in one of simplest forms of decent human behavior that we should… extending a sincere thanks when someone does something for you. 

Everyone deserves thanks when they perform well, achieve higher standards and accomplish goals.  I would argue that everyone deserves thanks at least once a day for something, but to do that you need to be cognizant of doing it and it has to become a habit that you reinforce all the time.  Some people just do it naturally, some don’t have it their makeup to do it at all, and others do it when something prompts them to.     

We have all seen times when a face will brighten, and a smile will appear when we take just second or two to sincerely thank someone for what they did.  People will remember how you treat them.  Not only does it help people feel good about their work, and that their manager noticed, but it can help your employees feel good about themselves. 

Don’t underestimate the positive impact you can have on an employee’s self-esteem and self-respect.  When you say thanks it tells employees what they did that you would like to see them do more often, and that’s a powerful communication.   

As stated in the article mentioned above… 

“We all fall victim to appreciating things people do for us and never say anything” 

Isn’t it time to see if we can’t change that one “Thank You” at a time?

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