Simplify Employee Recognition!

We loved this article on CBS Money Watch by Jeff Haden.  We consult with clients about their employee recognition programs on a daily basis.  Our first recommendation is to remind them that the best approach to employee recognition is almost always the simplest one.  The award industry offers a vast array of recognition systems from which to choose and for whatever reason corporate America rarely starts their investigation of employee recognition using the KISS principle.  They often choose the most complex way of handling an issue that should fundamentally be very easy and straightforward.  And in the process they commit large budget dollars to the administration of these systems, essentially taking those dollars away from getting to where they will do the most good….the employees themselves.   

When you think about it, recognizing an employee should be a simple (and happy) thing to do.  But for some reason everyone wants to complicate it. 

Over the years, the recognition companies have dreamed up elaborate schemes to sell their awards, often priced substantially over retail.  But are these elaborate systems what you really need?  We’ve seen countless numbers of them that have feature after costly feature that are rarely used.  One of these features is a training program to teach your management how to recognize employees.  Frankly it’s a shame that has to be done.  Every manager, good and bad and ugly should have at least the ability to thank someone for doing a good job.  If they don’t, they shouldn’t be a manager in the first place! 

When you are thinking of implementing a recognition program, you would do well to start with the list comprised in this article.  Throw out the complicated stuff and just tell your managers to simply recognize their employees for doing a good job whenever and wherever possible.  Measure the managers to make sure it gets done, and give them a budget to do it. Copy this article and send it to all your management.  It’ll save you a lot of money and time and you’ll wind up with a much better program and more satisfied employees. 

If you think you need to give a tangible award there are a lot of choices to pick from.  Do what you think makes sense and within your culture.  If you want a good one with terrific flexibility and value, check out Award of Choice. 

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